Friday, May 4, 2012

Days Gone Bye: Tomato Macaroni and Cheese

The AMC series opens with Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes regaining consciousness from a shooting-induced coma.*

He staggers out of the abandoned hospital he finds himself in. Disoriented, Rick is shocked by the sight of hundreds of decaying corpses littering the hospital halls and loading dock. He is quickly rescued by Morgan Jones and his son Duane. 

The three hide out in the vacant home of Fred and Cindy Drake, Rick’s former neighbors. With no electricity, Morgan prepares their evening meal by candlelight using cans of Sterno®. 

We can imagine he used staple items from the Drake’s pantry. Morgan went to great lengths to make life seem normal for his son. Kids love macaroni and cheese so Morgan likely kept the menu simple with this favorite. This very simple recipe can be made with only three ingredients and water. You can easily keep the ingredients on hand for any emergency. Including a Zombie Apocalypse.

And when the dead rise; don’t forget the Sterno®.

Tomato Macaroni and Cheese

2 cups uncooked elbow macaroni
1 can Cheddar cheese soup
1 can diced tomatoes (Italian or any style your Group prefers)

Optional seasonings: Crushed red pepper, garlic powder, ground mustard.

In a Dutch oven over a campfire, or over cans of Sterno®, boil water and cook macaroni according
to package directions. Drain pasta reserving 1 cup of pasta water. Return 1/2 cup of pasta water 
to pan.
Add pasta back to pan and stir in cheese soup and diced tomatoes. Cover pan and heat very gently
until combined and smooth. If necessary, add the other 1/2 cup of reserved water a few tablespoons at a time. Stir in herbs if you have them and serve.

*In case you were wondering...Rick's last meal before being shot was a burger and fries. After the Zombie Apocalypse, there will be no more McLunches. So we all need to learn how to cook together!


  1. I do something similar using noodles, lentil soup and parmesan cheese. Except I cheat and use the stove.

  2. But you are always prepared so I'm sure you've got a generator. In case of a Zombie Apocalypse you'd be able to use your stove with no trouble. And I am going to have to try that with lentil soup.